Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Steps

One of the most rewarding parts of being a dance teacher is watching the "Ah-ha!" moment when a young dancer finally grasps the concept of a new move.

I had one of those moments today in class with my elementary aged girls.


A perfect pickup requires standing on one foot, a plie on a single leg, then with the same one foot on the ground, spanking the ground on the floor and landing on the tap of the shoe.

Confused yet?

I received the same look from my girls that I assume is on your face.
But quietly in the corner I heard a sound that was distinctly a pickup and I turned around to see the smallest little dancer of the class beaming. It was clear that she was pleased with herself, but the joy I found in watching her begin to understand and master such a scary monster of a step was greater than either of us could comprehend.

Take a step back.

I'm only a part time student teacher watching her student. Can you imagine the joy our Creator has when He watches us, His beloved children, as we start to understand His great joy and love for us?

Friends, think over that.

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